Dropdown in Sheet Getting Erased After User Edit in App

My app’s URL: https://htechinv6425.glideapp.io/

For dropdowns that have been set up in Sheets, I’ve noticed that when I set it up in the app to edit as a Choice component, it erases the dropdown list in Sheets once a value is entered on the app. Is this a bug? Or is this the expected behavior? I’d really like to keep the dropdown in Sheets and not have it be erased if possible.

To me that’s normal, but I also view the sheet purely as a database without any sheet validation taking place. I know that’s not always the case and some people also have regular data entry through the app as well as directly through the sheet. I suppose it’s no different than doing a copy/paste over a cell that has data validation. That will remove the dropdown as well.

(PS. I have no idea how the Google API works and handles this)