Dropdown not showing in the app

My app’s URL: bcnmonetize-crm

I have made a simple crm in google sheets. However dropdown doesnt work in the app. Could you please help me fix?

Where is or is supposed to be your drop-down list in your app?

In four columns:

Contact Type
Lead Type

I guess you don’t succeed in getting the drop-down lists in the edit screen of your app, right?

If correct, in the edit screen, you currently have text entry component for these elements. You should put choice components, instead of text entries. Each choice component will take its source in the appropriate column of your sheet (lead type, contact type,…) and this choice component will point on the according column for a new contact.

I typed “choice component here !” in the text entry fields that must be replaced by choice components :

Also, in the main page of your app, do not hesitate to add a filter “Company name is not empty” for the inline list, to avoid the display of blank rows.

thank you. I am really new to this, could you please tell me how I can add choice component. I am playing a bit but couldnt figure out.

When you edit your screen, remove the text entry field. Then, click on the + icon at the top right of the right panel (layout tab), select “choice” in the component list, and set it correctly. Then place this choice component at the correct place. That’s it