Choice component choices not showing in app

My app’s URL:

Hello All,

Brand new so forgive me for a repetitive question, I’m sure the fix is a simple user error.

I have searched, but have been unable to find a direct answer. I have successfully used the choice component before, but for some reason it’s not working in this app. I set up my sheet prior to creating mytestapp, then connected it to the app once all of the data was in the sheet.

You can see from the screenshot, I have two columns set up: one with two options (Yes and No) and one to write the data to. I’m using a comma to separate the options.

You can see above ^ The range is K2-K16 and the comma separation.

What am I doing wrong? Instead of populating the field with the options from my sheet, the field remains blank. The forum won’t let me upload more than one pic. I may try to upload others in replies to my own post.

Please advise?

Are you actually having any Yes or No values in your column, or is it just a data validation in your Sheet?

I figured it out already. Thank you. I was actually coming back to delete the post. But to your point, I needed to remove the data validation and put the data in the cells instead of data validation.