Choice component not displaying correctly

I have a choice component that allows the user to select a Payment Type when making an expense report entry. The sheet containing the options only has a heading and 3 values: Amex, Cash, Personal Card. When I use a Choice Component to present the 3 possible values it actually presents 4 values - the first of which is simply a blank with what looks like a hyphen in the middle. It does this for both types of Segmented Selection Types (list or buttons).

Here is the column presenting the values from the source sheet:

Here is what the user sees on the app screen:

Any idea as to why the first value is showing? How do I get rid of that? I’ve used the same Choice Component - with the same Payment Type source - in other screens within the same app and there is no blank value displayed.

Check the Required in the Choice component options and it will go away.

Bullseye! Thank you sir.