Choice component not appearing on screen

I have a App-config table which has the following values:


I am trying to use the data in the table above in a ‘choice’ component as such:

But the choice component does not show up on the screen.

The blue line is the choice component being highlighted, but it doesn’t show on the screen:


Does the target table have at least one row of data (apart from the headers)?
Also check that you don’t have any filters being applied that might be preventing a row being available.

Moving the data to a new sheet has fixed the issue.

Hi teams,
I do have the same issue…
I would like to display data fetched from another sheet
in another words, i would like to display on the app, the data from a cell (fetching bid name), which is a lookup from another table (the bid table), and this lookup is itself a lookup from another table (user name).

Here is the cell I would like to show : BID USER ID

Which itself is a lookup from this table / cell : Fetch User name

Which is a lookup from the User ID table : Name

Because the User ID enters a bid in the market place, that creates a transaction ID (which displays his name) and when someone is interested in this transaction, they offer it (and i need to show who initiated the offer)

On my app it shows a simple line, with no display of the cell, no display of text at all

Thank you for your ideas, to turn this around

If it helps…My issue was that randomly one of the columns on the same sheet had been converted to ‘Make Row Owner’ which was denying the values being looked-up and therefore not appearing on the selection component.

Gosh thanks!!!
I had made the user email a row owner as well and removing it did solve the issue
Thanks a zillion!