How can i create this Drop down

Created this google sheet

How can i create a Drop down menu. Will confuse.

The sheet link that you gave is not accessible.

To create a drop down list, you need a Choice Component.

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I have done with that method but is that mistake in the excel sheet or something else. confused. Sorry it was not shared now its working to share link

Have you watched the video in that link that I gave you?
It does a pretty good job of explaining how it works, and how to configure it.

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can u plz make short video on how it works so that i can understand clear way. Same option with male female drop down. Thanks

The Glide documentation and videos that @Darren_Murphy already shared are pretty clear. Have you watched them already? Instead of apples and oranges, or food choices, in that video and documentation, just imagine male and female instead.

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Thanks got it.

Other than drop down, how can we have a radio button for just to select.

Glide doesn’t have radio buttons, but you can present a choice component in segmented mode, which gives essentially the same functionality.

Screen Shot 2021-06-13 at 8.58.40 PM


For 2 options it looks good, for more options the words getting cut (Un-married, Single Parent, Divorced)

Probably you can try splitting that into 2 choice components writing to the same field.

In the first one you filter by choice is included in “Un-Married/Married”, second one filter by is not included in “Un-Married/Married”.