Confuse with the choice option

I have created sheet. In 1st its Gender

gender options

2nd its Male and female

In glide i have added the choice component

The click is working

But the option Male Female in the drop down not showing.
Will i dont know whats going wrong, really confuse. Can anybody show me a simple way to make this 2 option in drop down. Thanks

Gender is your column header in row 1. Male should be in row 2 under Gender and female in row 3 under male.

As per the comment I have Gender and below Male & Female option below it.

Next in the Glide.

  1. In the display i have option - and its showing Male.

  1. When i click on the options to select and deselect if a client click wrong male to female, Why the option male disappear and later i have 2 tick mark. Whats going wrong. Plz have a look in the video link


Your tab is pointing to your choices sheet as well as your choice component. Your choices should be separate from where you want to write the selected value. What’s happening is you are trying to set your selected choice (female) back to the same column where you store the choices, so it’s overwriting the value of the first row you are editing (male) in your first column with your selected choice (female).

All sheet need to have headers in the first row, which glide will then recognize as the column name. Any rows after that are your data rows.

I like to have a separate sheet that holds all of my choice values.

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