Choice option for one value

I see that the choice option doesn’t work when you have just one value … and it makes sense from a logical point of view, as it is a choice … but still, it has 2 options even with one value, to add the selected value in the column or to delete it.

I know there is a choice and check option that can be used, but when you have 4 columns and you want to keep the look of your design organized, those 2 options don’t work as the alignment is not great for them when are put together with the dropdown options.

Hope you will consider to leave the choice component for one option also, because the chip view is really nice.


It works for me :man_shrugging:

CleanShot 2023-06-07 at 14.48.43@2x

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@Darren_Murphy it was an error from my side

I’ve moved the second option to another column inside a sheet and somehow Glide took the values from the image below, as headers. Because of that, there wasn’t any row inside that table.

Thanks for the time you took to check it out.


Cool, no problem. We’ll mark this one as resolved.

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