Missing an option in a Choice selector

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I’m having an issue displaying options in a Choice dropdown.
The 3rd option is missing, although it appears in the relation.
Is this a known issue, or am I missing something ?

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Here is the data

Do you filter them by any conditions?

Thanks for your help!

No, no filter.

It looks like changing “value” / “display as” shows the right number of options.
I’ve just tried changing the value for the 3rd option, and it worked.

I believe that 3 options with the same value are considered as duplicate :frowning:

That sounds like a bug. I expect the choice component to show unique values for the Display As, but uniqueness should not be further affected by the value written to the sheet, unless you are only using value and not using the Display As function. @Mark

That’s an interesting use case. We hadn’t thought about that. Will fix.


Actually, here’s a problem:

Let’s say you answer with “Option 009”, so Glide writes “0” into your column. Then you come back to the question, but it doesn’t know whether to show “Option 005” or “Option 009”, because they both map to “0”.


@Mark Ahh, that’s a fair point. Would it be resonable for it to only work that way on Add and Form screens, or would that just cause more confusion if a user sees is working one way in Add/Form, then working another way if they are allowed to Edit. I guess I don’t know what the best answer would be here. Incorporating the future Split Text feature could maybe come into play with a template that contains both the option and the score, but I’m not sure if that will work exactly how I picture it. I’ll elaborate further in the Join List thread.

@Xavier_Delplanque maybe your best solution here is to save the option name instead. Then within the form response sheet, create a template joining the question and option values. Do the same template in the options sheet. Then create a relation and a lookup to pull in the score into the form response sheet.

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@Jeff_Hager, I believe that’s what I ended up doing :

A bit on the heavy side but that works.
I should probably change the model if I want to display more than 3 questions though.

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