Droplist in field

Im new to Glide so apologies if my question is basic.

My Google Sheet has a number of columns with droplist selections e.g. State for the employee address column

I cant see how to do this in edit mode on the employee record in the Glide app

I have seen relations and lookups but that involves adding columns which will seriously disrupt formulas in the sheet when data updates.
Any suggestions welcome.

Create a sheet that lists all of your choices. Then add choice components to your edit screen that pull from that choices sheet to populate the choice component, but have it write the selected choice to the correct column in your employees sheet.

Also, adding relations and lookups does nothing to a google sheet and should not affect your sheet formulas. Those types of columns live in glide and do not sync to the Google sheet.

Just some additional advice, if you can avoid any formulas in google sheets and move all of that logic into glide, it will give you a much better experience.


Thanks for the quick reply.

My google sheet has massive formulas, including a script that works out the drive time between a tutor address and student address, but none of those columns are relevant to the app. The app will simply allow my Tutors to view their editable data and make changes. Some of those fields need to be drop downs e.g. State, Time selections for availability, Y/N responses etc. These are the ones I need choice for.

I’ll take another look but couldn’t see how to setup a choice selection before. Be back if I cant find it.


Ok. Watched the video

First question. How doe we get to the Choice screen as shown in the video? With my app opne in edit mode I click on th Plus sign then select choice. It redisplays the screen, addess a new column “Name” and shows we are in the Choice option on the right. But the options shown on th eleft in the video and on the right are not displaying.

Consequently I cant do what the video suggests doing.

Second Question. How do I make an existing column in the spreadsheet a Choice field. It seems to assume we are creating a new column

The documentation seems to miss the step on how to actually get to the functions like Choice.

So you mean you don’t see a layout like this?

If you click on the choice component then you should see the choice settings on the right. Please attach a screenshot if you see something else.

You can just point it to any column, or any relations you want.

OK the screen is different to to the video but sorted how to use it.

Still cant see ho wto get choice working on an existing field. i click on the field them + then Choice and it adds a new column at the bottom of the list. Very confusing!!!

I’m not very clear on what you’re experiencing. Please record a video of that happening and maybe we can see a better picture to explain to you how it works. Thank you!

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Yes…please attach a screencast. Your explanation of what your experiencing is confusing.

OK Video here Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

Another couple of questions

  1. How do you change the date type of a field? I have a number of Time format fields that are automatically being given a date/type type and displaying as day and time. This is an incorrect display. We only want the time as day is irrelevant. I don’t think there is a time only type so we need to change to text.

The choice defaults to a column related to the screen you’re viewing, so if you have a text entry already writing to that column then you will see that message.

As I said above, you can change the source of choices to anything you want.

Question 2
When in edit mode I can only edit data in the spreadsheet mode. When in the mobile format it doesn’t allow editing at all even though Allow Users to Edit is checked

Another question. Watching the video about building an employee database. How do I access this screen. Seems he clicks on the app in home screen and auto appears. Doesn’t for me

That’s the old builder layout. It’s changed significantly, and not all the videos have been updated yet.

Have a watch of this one, which points out the major differences between the old and new builder:

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Ok, but does that mean the choice field I add is editing the same filed? In other words, existing text fields for which I need choices will all need a new column for the choice but they will update the original field. I presume that means I then remove the original field so the user only sees the choice field?
That’s what I want. E.g. a field that has Y entry can have a Y or N entry based on the choice field. So if it is already Y when the user edits their record they will be provided a choice between Y and N and update the google sheet with their choice?

Never Mind. I just found Play Mode nd tested. It works exactly as anticipated.

Resolved. I found the Paly Mode button