About drop down list based on data validation in sheets

I have two tables as under with 2 columns as |cat1|da1|
1.|Family pensioner RBI |185%|
2.|Family pensioner Obs |185%|
3.|Bank employee |30.24%|
4.|Bank Pensioner |30.24%|
5.|RBI employee |91%|
6. |RBI pensioner |91%|
In the 2nd table in a column named |category|, I wish the user to select in any of the 6 items as applicable to him so that further calculations are made in the sheet based on da1.
In the google sheet I have created a drop down list in category column based on data validation. When the user selects any of the choice the further calculations based on this choice are made in the sheet and there is no problem.
However, I am unable to do this in glide app despite going through all the videos and articles.
All the six choices appear in glide app but I could not relate them to the da1.
I read about the choice component which I am unable to find in the app .

Here’s more info about the choice component.

From what you described, you only need a column to house the choice, then a relation, and a lookup to return that percentage.

You may try to move all your calculations to Glide using Math columns at that point.

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thanks for your guidance.
Although I have been able to make a choice column (category) that populates the values
1.|Family pensioner RBI
2.|Family pensioner Obs
3.|Bank employee
4.|Bank Pensioner
5.|RBI employee
6. |RBI pensioner
But despite my best efforts I am not able to figure out how to -
when I click and select any of the above values , the appropriate percentage value is shown

in the DR column.
I am attaching the screenshot of the form for your perusal and guidance/

You can set up your choice component to return the numeric value, but still display the category name. Just make sure you set the choice component up to write the numeric value to the DR column.

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I have written the choice component so that it shows the numeric value . For example when I select the category name it shows its corresponding value.
thereafter I created two new columns with Math named GDA and GP that correctly compute Gross Da.and the gross pension. however, I am not able to show these columns in the app when I open form.,although these appear in the data of the app.
Pl.guide how I can show these computed column values in the app.
what I mean is that when I enter basic pay , a number entry and select appropriate choice of da and the result is correctly shown in sheet,it should also appear in the app.
If it is possible then How.

Are you saying that you want to see the math result while you are filling the form, or after you submitted the form?

If it’s inside of the form while you are filling in the data, then the math columns won’t work or show as an option because nothing has been written to the table until you click on submit. Instead you would have to ignore the glide form and instead create a custom form. How do I create a custom form?

If instead you want to see the math result on the detail screen after you submit the form, then have you tried adding components to display that those math column values?