Removing item from one choice list if it is selected in another choice list

Hi there

The action I am trying to create is to change the choice options depending on user’s selection.

For example

CHOICE 1 - Thursday: apples, bananas, carrots
CHOICE 2 - Friday: apples, bananas, carrots

Thursday’s list and Friday’s lists are listed separately in my data column (Friday - apples ,Thursday - apples)

If someone chooses apples on Thursday, I want apples to disappear from Friday.

So - If Thursdays apple choice is True, remove option from Friday.

I’m not sure how to apply. Can someone please help?! :slight_smile:

Many thanks!

You can use Screen Filtering.

In your second choice component, add a filter something like the following:

  • Option is not Screen->Choice 1->Option

Thanks for the quick response. This seems to work if only one option is selected but doesn’t work if they are selecting more than one from the choice (multi-choice). Any ideas?

Try “Option is included in Screen->Choice 1->Option”

It needs to be ‘not included’. But that worked. Thanks a million!!

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