Dependent choice and invisible components

I have two choice components. The choices of the 2nd one depends on the value of the 1st - using the filter setting (using the screen value of the 1st). Sometimes, but not always, the choices of the 2nd do not change when the 1st has been changed. And sometimes, when a default value of the 1st is set when the form opens, the 2nd choice component does not even appear.

Along those same lines, I’ve noticed that fields with no value do not even show up on some screens/forms, until a value has been entered for that field. Is that the intended approach?

Are you using Pages?
If so, could be related to the issue reported below…

I believe a fix is on the way for that one.

Yes, that’s normal. If you prefer to have something always shown in the UI, what you can do is create an if-then-else column along the following lines:

  • If value is empty, then “Not set”
  • Else value

And then use that if-then-else column in your screen component.

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Yes, Darren it is pages and it sounds like my issue.

In the case of the if-then-else, this column would not show up in the google sheet then, right?

Yes, that’s correct. Computed columns only exist in Glide.

Thanks for your help!

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