Dependent dropdown lists, How?

is it hard to create a dependent dropdown lists in pages form?

i am searching the community Q&A for a solutions but with no luck to find a solution.

is this the way to do dependent dropdown list:

it is really completed, sorry to say that

Depends on what you mean by dependent. I assume you want a selection in the first choice component to influence what is shown for options in the second choice component? If so, is that second choice component sourced from the same table/column regardless of what was chosen in the first choice? I’m asking because I’m trying to determine if you need multiple choice components controlled with visibility, or if you can simply filter the second choice component based on the Screen Value of the first choice.

The video you shared is quite old, so depending on what you want, there are much better methods.

Thank you My Friend,
i have lets say the follows on Pages:

A form with three choice components,

  1. first one for country Canada, Egypt, France, etc.
  2. second one for city:
  3. the third one for area:

i want once the user select Country, then the second choice component display only related cities to the previous selected county , then the third one shows the related areas to that city.

i used filter but, unfortunately it is not functioning.

Can you show how you have your choice components set up and how the filters are set up?

Owners Tables:

Company Table:

The Form:

Projects Table:

I think i am missing something.

Thank you for your continues support.

At some point you should be seeing an option to filter by screen values when setting up the filter for your choice component.

Add a filter:

You have to select the screen value from the second part of your filter:

Then just choose the screen value that you want to use to filter your choice list:


Really thank you for your kind efforts.

when i use on screen the choice component disappear.

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