Component Visibilty with Screen conditions?

I’m looking for the ability to make a component visible based off of a value on the current screen. Currently, the “User” list comes up as options, but not the “Screen” list.

Basically, I’m trying to make a component visible only if a value is included in a choice component on the same screen.

The choice component itself is a filtered list based on other relations and previous entries.

Edit: I think I’ve figured out some different logic to make this work for me, but if the Screen visibility was still possible to add, it would have made things easier.

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What kind of screen are you on (Details/Add/Edit/Form)?

I would think you could directly reference the column in the main list instead of the screen list. I think the screen values option makes more sense as a filter where, for a choice component for example, where both sides of the filter shows columns from the choice sheet, but the screen values let you choose values from the current screen. Whereas on a visibility condition, you already have access to the screen values. Unless I misunderstood something.

No you understood, I knew this was a weird question… haha

I’m trying to make the 2nd component visible only if the 1st component contains a specific value. The 1st component is dynamic and is itself filtered based on relations (previously submitted values that exist in a sheet other than the one that contains the values for the choice components).

If I directly reference the column in the main list, it’s looking at all the values in the sheet, instead of the filtered list that my Details view has configured to show.

If I can use a current screen visibility setting, I could have it look at the filtered choice component and not the full list of choices that exists in a separate sheet.

I’m realizing that even with that ability (if it were added), I’d still have an issue with what I’m trying to accomplish. Never mind and back to the drawing board!

So you are trying to show the second component based on all the possible filtered values contained in the first choice component? Not necessarily based on the selected value in the choice component?


Could you create a Joined List column on top of the relation used for the choice component and maybe set the condition to look at “is included in”?

Yup, this is the “different logic” approach I came up with in the edit of my first post. It works for what I was initially hoping to do, but now that I’ve done it, I’m realizing I need to do more to accomplish what I’m after. Either way, that approach worked. Thanks for the help!

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