Visibility based on text in column


How can I set the visibility for a component based on if a specific column has a certain word…for example the word ‘true’ or the word ‘yes’.


Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 12.39.31 AM

It’s for text found in the ENTIRE column. I used a lookup and a rollup on two seperate accounts. Does visibility settings not work for those two?

it should work, remember these columns are user specific, so it will work only for the user who set these columns

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I have the following set up and it’s not working…

when you change includes to is, still not working?
also check if true dont have a space before or after, and if true value is on the user that you are sign in
are you sure you wanna do visibility option not filter???
let me check if i understand what you trying to do…
you wan to component not showing for specific user if the value in his row is true? or if any value in this column is true?

Yes, there is no space. When I make it ‘is included in’ true the text is displayed. I don’t understand that part however.

I want the text to show or not show depending on what is in that specific column, not user specific.

if any row is true ? or only this row is true?

If any row is true.

than you need to add one more column to join LU eats column, and use that new column in visibility condition

ok thanks! what type of column?

Joined List


Thanks! I see I was using rollup which is for numbers only.

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not only… but for your goal, only joined list will work, BTW rollup is a very confusing name for this function, i had a problem with that too

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Hi Uzo,

So I’m trying to do this in another part of my app and for some reason the joined list is not coming up as an option for visbility. Would there be reason for this? Thanks!

you have to create joined column in that sheet where the list is located or create relation column to that joined column.

Yup, its on the same sheet. It’s set up the exact same way, just not showing up as an option.

you must be on the deferent sheet in editor, or the screen you are on is deferent sheet than inline list

OK I see, the inline list is on a different sheet from the tab. I created 4 joined lists, so I have to move them over to the same sheet as the tab?

yes or relate to them

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