Rollup + Relation + IF THEN

I searched in docs but I could not find how to do this:

I have a component above my Inline List in my profile page that says:

You haven't sent a post yet. As soon as you publish a post, it will appear here.

I just need to hide this sentence once the first post is published and to set correctly visibility property.


Is the inline list built from a relation? If so, you should only need to set a visibility condition to show the component if the relation is empty. If not and the inline list is pointing directly to the table, then how do you currently determine which rows display in the inline list?

No, the inline list is only a filter by “Email is signed-in user”.
I do not understand Relation column yet and also I avoid wherever I can computed columns because I need to link different apps all together.

Sounds like you are on your user profile screen. The easiest would be to create a multiple relation column in your profile sheet that links the user email to the email column in the Posts sheet. Then I would double check to make sure your profile screen is filtered to the signed in user, so it’s on the correct user profile row. Then you should be able to point your inline list to that relation. Also you can then set the visibility condition on the component based on that relation. Once you understand relations you will use them a lot because it’s a really easy way to link data together in different sheets/tables. I think if you try to do it without a relation, then it will become much more complicated.


Thank you, yes I am on my user profile screen.
What do you mean by double-check?

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A lot of times a details screen will default to the first row if you didn’t get there through a list item or a relation. You can add components that may not be part of that particular user row. I just mentioned to double check that you are on the correct user row…otherwise the relation may give you results for the wrong user. You might not have to worry about it in this case, but I just wanted to make sure you were aware.

Ok, first time I am using relation column.
Here is what I did: I created in User Profile table, a Relation column (called HAS PUBLISHED) that check that the @owner has an @email in the global “products” table. (For some emails I have empty cells.)

Then I went to My text component and set Visibility condition like this: Hide the component when the column “HAS PUBLISHED” is not empty.
What do you think ? Is it a durable solution especially if the poster registers the datas in other tables (like for example if he posts in different tables)

The visibility condition applies when you want to show a component. So you only want to show the text component when the relation is empty. Seems like you explained it backwards, but I think you get the idea.

Since you mentioned posting in multiple tables, do you have multiple inline lists for the data you want to show from each table? If so, then you will need multiple relation columns linking to each table. Then your visibility condition might have to change to show your text component if all of the relations are empty.

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Thank you, I will certainly have a new inline list of User’s posts when the user will post to different tables.
For the moment I have only one big table for various catalogs.
Tnx again…

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