What do I do wrong with visibility?

This drives me mad, the simplest thing doesn’t work :wink:

What do I want?
I want a text component be visible if another column in the sheet is not empty, so when I put an x in that column to filter a list.

So this is what I do

Prove: it is not empty

But … the component remains invisible.
What do I do wrong?

No filtering or row owners involved?

No, it’s a plain text component I want only to be visible when column ‘Focus op wielrennen’ is not empty.
No row owners.

What happens if you put an x in the very first row?

I’ll have a look!

Remains the same.
But when I chose ‘Show component when Focus op wielrennen is empty’ (when it’s not) it shows the component.
But then nothing changes when I remove all x’s to make it empty.

If it’s a text component, then it’s only going to show the value in the row you’re attached to, right?
So you just need to make sure the row you’re attached to has the x in that column.

Ah, you can’t relate visibility to data in another row?
I use a component with custom text

@Darren_Murphy A little more explanation.

CleanShot 2021-04-24 at 12.02.36@2x

This is

  • a text component (Custom text: Focus op wielrennen)
  • an inline list (filter all items with an x in field Focus op wielrennen)

So if i remove all x’s the inline list won’t be there. And when the inline list is not there i want the text component be invisible.

Hope this helps.

The simplest thing would be to use that custom text as the title of your Inline List.

Other than that, you may need to mess around a bit with templates and relations.

But for my understanding, is what I want impossible right now?
If feels so logical: only show this component when an other component is visible too :wink:

I wouldn’t say it’s impossible, just requires a bit of thinking outside the box.
I’m kinda a busy right now, I’ll have a play with it a bit later.

It is… for the row you’re connected to :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!
Did it now but with the title of the list. Not what i really want but it works.

To me the UI suggests that what I want is possible in an easy way, but it clearly isn’t :wink:
Thanks for help!

Create a Rollup count column of your inline list rows. Then set visibility condition where Count > 0.

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thanks! i’ll have a try

Yes, this did the trick! Thanks!