Visibility based on text in column

Thanks! It will take up the same space so might as well re-do them.

benefit of relating, is when you make changes… it will change all related lists in one edit, if you redo them… you gonna have to change one by one all of them

Changes to the data the joined list is coming from?

This will entail a relation , then a lookup?

This is what I have set up on the inline list sheet. Am I creating a relation to the name of the business then a lookup of the joined list?

if it is the same result you wanna use on the other sheet, then use a single value column to copy this joined list to another sheet.

OK! So a relation, then a single value column on top of that?

No need for relation in this case. Just single value

Ok, I think I got it! Not sure how it works, but it’s displaying the correct data.

Should I be selecting ‘first’ for the first configuration drop-down?