Visibility filter not working on a relation column

I have a relation column that relates data in that sheet to an array column in another sheet. I have a component set to visible if that relation column has any data in it. But it’s not working. The component stays invisible while I have that condition on it, even for data rows (in this case users) who have no data in that relations column.

I have another relations column in the same sheet which is relating to a single (non-array) column in another sheet, and another component with visibility condition on that relation column works perfectly fine. Turns on or off depending on whether the Relation recognizes any data.

So I’m guessing this is a bug with the visibility filter and relation columns when they are linked to array columns

Could you share the app and tell me exactly where to find the offending component?

Just sent you a DM with the link.

Do you have any screenshots of your visibility settings and relation columns that you are able to share?

Oh, thanks for offering to help, @Jeff_Hager. Turns out I’m just a space cadet. I forgot to filter that particular detail screen by signed-in users, so it was just pulling the first row of data for that particular sheet regardless of the user. I have bunches of screens like it in the app, and all have that filter, so it was just literally one of those brain fart moments. @Mark helped me realize my slip.

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