Visibility: Includes Signedin User


So I know this isn’t in the drop-down as a component visibility option, but wondering if there is a workaround to make it happen?


You can point it to the column that contains the emails you want to compare, then set visibility to column includes signed in user’s email.

There isn’t an ‘includes’ option, only IS or ISN’T signed in user.

What type of column are you trying to check the condition on? A lookup?

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At the bottom of the drop-down go to… user profile …and then email to pick the signed user s email

Seems like you’re using a lookup on a multiple relation. You would want to add a joined text column on top of that relation instead, and use the conditional visibility on that joined text column.

I have a relation for the name of business in the current sheet to the main directory sheet. Then a lookup off of that for the business’ email address.

Never used joined text will have to look into it. Thanks!

I believe you would want the joined text to return the email from the relation, then apply the “includes signed-in user’s email” as I said above. Tell me if you need help.

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Oh, the joined list comes after the lookup?

I’m now thinking this might not work because I have row owners enabled.

It comes after the relation, you don’t need a lookup for this specific use case, but if you have row owners on that’s a problem.

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Nothing came up with it did it after the relation as the relation column had no data.

Ah, I just flipped the visibilty and it works, so instead of looking at the joined list first, it looks at who’s signed in first then compare that to the joined list.

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