Choice Component Question/Request

My app is great! Thank you so much for everyone in this community for the help and for the great platform to build my app. My users have one big issue so far and I’m not 100% sure if there is a current work around, and if so how to how to handle that or if its a near future feature(s) that I can just say hold on for a month or so over.

I have a choice component that currently has a list of about 100 choices. That list grows daily as it is a list of potential customers my team can use attach to their sales. This list is cumbersome because there is no way to just search the list (which would be optimal). Since my data just appends to end of my tabs in google sheets I don’t know if there’s a way to sort them at least alphabetically or without causing problems with my formulas, arrays, and vLookups.

Any advice on a solution to the problem would be greatly appreciated!

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I like to have a separate sheet that contains all of my choice component list items for various choice components. Some of them are are just a static list and some are dynamically built using formulas. In your case, I would create a new sheet and use a sort formula to built a list of names in alphabetical order.

I’m hoping in the near future they will release more advanced features for to choice component. I’m hoping they give us Per User Data and Search someday. Maybe they would also build in filtering and sorting as well.

This is something we hear a lot and is definitely on our radar for future features. Thanks @Jeff_Hager for the temporary solutions. :+1:t4:


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