Anyway to fix these two things?

  1. Why do some choice components allow me to sort/filter, while others don’t?

  2. Anyway to keep the search bar from cutting off the text below. I do have a lot of info, but it is info that helps my sales reps determine the correct advertiser location.

You apply the search bar and filter function in the options tab shown here

Thank you. These are two separate questions so I’m not sure the answer works for me.

I have one issue where some of my choice components give me the option to sort or filter and some of them don’t. Not really sure why that is and was hoping someone could enlighten me.

The second issue I have is the search bar covers the information people are searching for in my list. The information is needed for them to choose the right advertiser, but sometimes it goes a second line of text, which I know is why the bar is covering it, just wondering if it is fixable.

When you use a tab with List Style you can sort or filter. But, if you use a tab with Detail Style you can’t.

My tabs are all list view.

Only large choice list give you a sorting option, it is not necessary to sort short list that can fit on the screen, if you still wanna have sorting option for choices, i would recommend creating your own choice component from inline list.
If search bar is covering other components, you can disable it in options

The list has 36 records and grows by a few every week. I definitely prefer to sort the information where the newest record shows up first.

As for the search bar, I don’t want to turn it off. That list is currently 170 records long.

The components I am trying to use are choice components. Both are being used in the same way as a part of an add item screen. The sheets are both set up the same, but different data. One allows me the sort option, the other doesn’t.

Maybe your sorting is turned off in that list? Or sorting parameters are empty, or in user specific (or math/logic) columns that are empty for some users

Can you show us a screenshot of where it doesn’t give you the filter? This is related to the choice component, not the inline lists, is it correct?