No search option on choice component with computed fields as display

Hi there

I am using a choice component to list values in a Glide App. There around 40,000 options. I get the ‘Search to find more…’ text at the bottom of the initial list but no apparent way to search - I cannot type anything in nor select the search text or another text to start a search - there doesn’t appear to be a search bar at all.

I have tried in Chrome and Safari, and in the design side of Glide and published app.

EDIT: This behaviour occurs seemingly if you use a computed column for the ‘display’ field. Is there anyway to create a search bar if you are using (e.g.) a template field for the display?

Any ideas?


Are you using a Big Table to store those options?

@Darren_Murphy do you know if using a Big Table affects this functionality? Thank you.

Template columns are now supported in Big Tables (if enabled in Previews), so I would expect this to work - so long as the Template isn’t referencing any other (non-supported) columns. For example, if you have a Template that references a Single Value column - that won’t work. But anyway, if it isn’t supported then it usually won’t be available as a selection.