Creating a global search across all the tabs in spreadsheet

I am not sure what happened, I had a perfectly working app (albeit on the OG style, not the new style, yet) I will transition over, after I get this issue resolved, and app working 100% again

APP has data from multiple spreadsheets, that I want to create a search screen, that searches all sheets (I think there are 12 or 15 of them)

The search would be across all the fields for same SKU or description data. There will be multiple options to choose from, from the various sheets. (I would like the sheet label to be visible to chooses which data is needed )

I don’t understand how it quit working, over the weekend.

I only see one list on your screen, and your screen is using a list style layout. At most you can search only the one table that the screen is attached to. To be able to search multiple tables, you would have to use a Detail style layout and add lists for each table that you want to search. Are you sure that you didn’t change the screen layout over the weekend? A Detail style layout with multiple lists is the only possible way that you would have been able to have a global search across multiple tables.


I suspect I have an unauthorized 4 year old user clicking on a mouse from time to time.

Could you walk me through it, again? I know it was set up before, and you assisted me, previously, as well.

Under “Navigation” should I create another TAB?

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Here is the thread you are talking about.

You just need to change the layout style to Detail and add an inline list for each table.

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I will be sitting at my desk in aobut an hour and will try to get it sorted.

I want the SOURCE to be the whole spreadsheet, though, not just the 1 sheet, shown above.

That’s not possible.
The closest you can get to a global search is by following the method that Jeff outlined.
You can effectively get the same thing by adding as many inline lists as you need, and set the source of each inline list to a different sheet/table.

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Is the “inline list” shown as “components”

They aren’t supposed to be “Action Text” either, are they?

I may need some professional help.

No, they should be inline lists. Just remove all of those action text components, and then add a bunch of inline lists components instead.

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So I have created inline lists for each tab of the spreadsheet (shown on the left are the tabs for each sheet I want to search) It still only searches 1 sheet at a time, now…

Previously, it searched through all of them (using action text) and I don’t think I ever used a DETAIL screen.

Here is image of previous results when it was working

I would like to do a global search and find the same items across all the sheets - return multiples of data for each sheet as they have different data to capture, that we want/need visibility

You’re still using a List Style screen, so you’re only searching a single table.

The only way it will work as you want is if you switch to a details screen and add multiple inline lists. One for each table you want to search.

There is no other (simple) way to do it.


I think this is what I was missing…Give me a few moments, and I will be back to confirm. (I wasn’t thinking I could add MULTIPLE INLINE LISTS - the light bulb went ON finally)

I’ll confirm shortly.

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It must have been detail screen with multiple lists.

This is what my screen looks like with both a list relation and an inline list added:

For the inline list, I modified the title and clicked the checkbox that said, “Show “see all” for more than ‘x’ items”

Strange thing is that my list relation was missing this morning when I went into the app to grab these screens for you. So don’t punish your four-year-old.

I never had an inline list, but added it to show you how to configure it.

You’ll need multiple of these; one for each tab you want to search.

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Thanks, again, to the great community, at Glide, I appreciate your quick replies to my nonsense…

Here is how the Global Search page will look, now, that I have added multiple INLINE lists in the DETAIL page for GLOBAL SEARCH


Wonderful, glad you got there :slight_smile:

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