Search Not Displaying Results as Expected

I have a search bar on this page with multiple inline lists. I want to search for Scene 1 that is at the top of the page.

If I type in Scene 1 into the search bar though, it doesn’t work.

The only thing I thought was that maybe templates are not searchable (Scene 1) is made by a template. To test this I created a new column called Test Search and then manually typed in Scene 1 (see the bottom left for the Data) then used the search bar and this did not work.

I searched on the forums and found maybe the inline list with the cards could be an issue, so I tried tiles as well as the list format with no changes there. I also tried to uncheck the search bar from both inline list, then check it again and didn’t have any luck.

Any ideas why this is not working as expected? I had it working yesterday, but made some small changes to this section. I changed the title of each scene page (which I tried to change back to see if it would have an effect with no luck)

Try something once and add a text component on your details screen that points to your template column and/or the test column. The search should only work with column values that are made visible on the screen. It may be that it’s not working with the screen title and the card title. I know in the past it still didn’t work with some components. I first want to see if the search works when you make it visible using a regular text component. If that works, then maybe you’ll have to add it to the screen or add it to a rich text component with some html to make it invisible.

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Also make sure you turn off the search ability and re-enable it once you have made the changes. This “refreshes” it for me, sometimes it did not work until I manually “refresh” it that way.

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This was it, as soon as I added it as a visible text field, the search began working as expected. Thank you!


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