Search field doesn't work with Inline lists

I have a tab with a list of Employees.
It is organized as a Detail layout with some Inline lists which are labeled as departments with employees inside. Each Inline list has a search field turned on, so I have the search field in the top of the whole tab. But when I input any data to the search field it always returns zero to me. Maybe I do something wrong but for me it seems a bug. I have done the work with Inline lists and search field like it was shown in the tutorial ‘Details Layout’, part 3

Here is the demo how my search field doesn’t work —
My app’s URL:

Many thanks in advance if you could help with this.

I wonder if it’s because the name is in the title.

I use a similar function for my IT ticket app so that you can search Pending and Solved tickets by different pieces of the tickets and it searches fine.

Maybe add the name into a second basic text box outside the Title box.

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Christopher, thanks for your answer))

Do I understand correct, you mean that the search works with any other fields of the item excepting data in the title box? Unfortunately not, when I use search by values that are the part of the item but not in the title box, it also doesn’t work((

Or did you mean something other?

I can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work. I’m seeing the same thing in one of my apps. I think this might be a bug.

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I guess then it is a bug. I always put relevant searchable data outsude the title box so I’ve never run into this.

I see Jeff confirned the issue as well so bug it is.

The search field in my app ‘inline list’ doesn’t work either :frowning:
Obviously, it worked without a problem before, and the users of my app were using it to make it useful.

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Yeah, not working… @Mark, any news about this?

This will be fixed later today. Sorry about this.