Use Choice Components Instead of Checkboxes to Add Values to an In-App Filter

I’m building a tutoring app, but I’m having trouble with filtering them. No matter what I do the in-app filter won’t filter correctly. I was told that the reason it’s not working is because I used checkboxes. I know there are work arounds but I don’t know what they are. I suspect that one has to do with choice components. Can someone explain how I would do that? Any other suggestions would be appreciated as well. What if I just had the tutors list all their subjects? Would the in-app filter work, then?

Are the tutors selecting their subjects with checkboxes or a choice component?

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The tutors are checking off the subjects they’re proficient in with checkboxes. If I had them selecting choice components, wouldn’t they only be able to choose one subject? :thinking:

You could use one choice component per subject instead of a checkbox per subject. Then, using the choice values vs display configuration, you could write the subject name to the sheet when they select that subject. This could be written to columns called Subject 1, Subject 2, Subject 3 etc. This forms an array column in glide that you could use as your in app filter.


OMG thank you SO much! I can definitely pare down my subjects list, but I can use more than six, right?

For sure!

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I can add this to my form, can’t I? I have the sheets all set up but I can’t add the components, because I don’t know where to put it. I’d like to add it to the existing form that I have all the tutors fill out when they create their profiles, but I can’t get to it. I think the button was a special value that disappears as soon as it’s submitted. I really can’t think of anything else I could possibly do. I just have to give up. It’s too late.I really hope I wake up to a solution. Thank you.

Hey Rubel, I’m sorry but I’m not following. Are you saying that you can’t access the form button that you created because it’s hidden? If that’s the case, click on the button component on the lower left-hand side of the screen and change the visibility condition temporarily so you can access the form.

This is another reason why we should have a separate section for all of our forms that we can edit from a central screen… similar to the upcoming actions section.


I have a button that’s only visible when you log in, and choose that you are a tutor. Maybe if I had allowed the users to edit it, it would still be accessible but it’s not. The only way I can see the button is if I log in with a new email address. But, if I did that, I don’t think I would be able to edit it.

Like I said, best is to remove the visibility condition temporarily so you can view and access it, then reapply the condition when you’re done.

But the only button components I have on the lower left side of my screen are for the message and purchase buttons, which are visible. If I hit the +, all I can do is add another button. I can’t find anything representing the original button, so I can change it’s visibility.

I’m guessing it’s the form button. Not sure why it’s labeled “Message”

It’s labelled “message” because you have to push it to send a private message to the person whose profile you’re viewing.

My apologies. Once I downgraded to Pro I was able to sign in, and I saw that the original button was gone. No greeting, no form, no creating a profile. I guess I somehow replaced the old button with my messages button. I guess I can just recreate it, and add the subject choices.:grin: