🆕 Preview Feature: Multiple Filters in the new Glide Apps

Just in, in-app filter is available for the new Glide Apps!

Enable it by going to your team’s dashboard > click Previews on the top right > enable Multiple Filters.

Screenshot credit to @Darren_Murphy .

At the moment, it might not work with some components like Charts, Data Grid or Calendar.



seems like it doesn’t work on a custom collection. Added it & the entire filter field is hidden.

this is all bugs :face_holding_back_tears:

  • not working on custom collections
  • on normal collections, selected filters with 0 matching rows hence the entire collection & filter dropdown is hidden & now cannot reset filter see anything on tab

weird trend in Glide new released features … this didn’t happen much in the past years.
Releases are full of bugs & fixes don’t seem to be coming

  • Title Component Styles, Glide Big Tables & Now this.

There is a warning given when you enable previews:

CleanShot 2023-05-30 at 16.34.57@2x

The idea of releasing some of these new features as Previews is so that people can test them and give feedback, and Glide can iron out any issues before they go into a general release.

I believe the Glide Team is aware of the issues you’ve raised above, so I would expect them to be fixed pretty quickly.


Awesome !

@abdo I just tried to reproduce this one and I wasn’t able to. What I found is if I set the filters such that there are zero matching rows, then the Collection header is still visible - including the filter bar, so it was possible to reset the filter:

Can you provide some more details on what happened when you tried this?

Does it happen if you remove the “add new” action?


Wow! Amazing addition. Just when we require it. Custom filters were using lot of “Updates”.

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ah yes, well spotted :+1:
I’ll make Ivo aware of that one.


Amazing! I love it :heart_eyes:!

I never have the add new action enabled. We never add rows from the app


Well spotted! :wink:

There are a few more goodies rolling out in the next week or two.


Yeah, the point is if you have an available action, the collection won’t go away.


does that include a carousel image?

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I tried it but my app kept locking up so I turned it off and all seems fine now. Seems to be an issue if you already have a single filter in place. Looking forward to bugs getting worked out.


This right here would be UNREAL!!
Trying to navigate the updates metric is proving quite a challenge and therefore delays progress in building our Apps. What should take a few days now takes weeks because we have to think around the updates quota etc and try to limit any interactions that eat up that quota…


Now just need more columns and column types for the Table Collection

The new filters look great and comfortable!
The main question is: “How can calculated columns get information about filtered elements?”
Yes, to show the user filtered content and not waste in-app updates, filters are great. But now how do I, for example, export the selected one?