User-selectable layout

Would love to allow my users to toggle between/select a layout for how they view “collections” of items that they’ve uploaded to the app. I have it set to “cards” because they look great, but for some of my users, informational density is more important than seeing big, pretty pictures. For them, they’d much prefer to toggle on a list view of the same information so that they can navigate faster.

Hi David,

It’s an idea I have seen on here but I forgot it came from which thread, so I will just describe it for you, hope it’s clear enough.

First, setup a choice component that points to a user-specific column, that would enable them to alter how they want to view the information. Let’s say we have 2 choices, “cards” and “list”.

Next, setup both the “cards” view and the “list” view on the same tab, and then set visibility settings accordingly. Show the “cards” view when that user-specific value is “cards”, and do the same thing for the “list”.

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Thanks for the clever idea! I’m not sure this would work in my situation as the info that needs to be seen is the first page of a tab, before a user ever dives into a “details” view where a “choice” can be added.
Essentially, I need to toggle between a view like:

and a view like:

You can change your tab to a details view and then add two inline lists alongside the choice component, I think that would work.

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Maybe I could bury the toggle/selection in the menu tab…? That’s not super intuitive, though…

This miiiight work? I’ll play with it, and report back after I’ve had a chance to tinker.
Even so, would be lovely to have this as a built-in feature within Glide, so that folks (like me) could skip building a work-around.

Can confirm that it works as intended.


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Unforeseen consequence of this implementation - it removed my ability to allow the user to “Add” and “in-app sort” from this screen, which are crucial for my app. Any idea?

As of now, a details tab, as you have found out, does not support adding and in-app sort. I don’t think there’s a workaround as of now if you still want to implement the adding and in-app sort features.

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Thank you for taking the time to provide and test a solution to this request! Luckily, it seems the Glide team is iterating and launching features quickly, so even today’s limitations shouldn’t be around too long.

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A workaround…and my preferred option…is to add a form button to function as your ADD, along with your inline list.

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Lol I don’t know how I did not think of this earlier. Actually I prefer the button as well as it’s more visible.

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Solid idea! I especially like how obvious the “Add” button becomes. However, this would still result in an inability to “in-app filter” items on the page, which my users will need.

Yes, that’s true. You could create your own with a choice component and setting a field in the sheet that would be used for different relations, but it turns into extra work. I’m hoping that with user profiles, this will allow for conditionally showing the built in add button in the future.

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Agreed! Do you know if the Glide team maintains a timeline of feature development somewhere? Are fleshed out profiles on the roadmap?

As far as I know they keep it internally but you can always request for new features at:

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