Query Dilemma

I have 2 tabs of concern in my app. The “Search by Subject” tab is to show all standards listed by subject PreK to 12 and will allow me to search. The “HS BY SUB” tab is to show an inline list of high school courses by subject, math, science, etc, that I can select and then select the particular course, say Calculus, these too are searchable at the course level.
I have a page in the data base that lists the subject areas: mathematics, social studies, etc. I have two queries built to do the work above, Qu_Subject and qu_hslist, respectively.

My problem: When I select the QU_Subject query on the “Search by Subject” tab, which is what I want, this query is then copied in the “HS BY SUB” tab also. I can do the reverse and the selection I make on either tab is duplicated on both tabs. UGH.
What am I doing wrong? How do I get them to work independently?? TYIA

Are both tabs using the same underlying sheet?

The sheet containing the subjects is the same but the queries on that sheet are linking to two different sheets.

Ok, so I’m understanding that both tabs are pointing to the same sheet. Layouts are tied to sheets, so any changes you make to the details layout on one tab will be reflected on the other tab as well. I would suggest creating a separate sheet to split some of this up.

Also, how many users are you going to have? I can see a potential problem if multiple people are trying to search at the same time and the query in your sheet keeps refreshing. Would there be any advantage to just showing the separate sheets in a list and using Glide’s built in search?

Thanks for the info. I didn’t know the layouts were tied to sheets, that will save me some headaches moving forward.

I am using Glide’s build in search once the query runs and lists the line items. Is there a better way?? Always open to suggestions.

Glide’s built in search is pretty good. It will look at every column on the related sheet, so you should be able to use it to find everything you need. I thought maybe you were trying to build your own search using the google sheet query and a text entry or something like that. That’s where it gets a little complicated.

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