Basic Table Problem

I want to use different basic tables on different tabs. But each basic table is appearing on all tabs, and if i delete it from one tab it deletes on all tabs! Help!

Hey Sean!


Can you share screenshots or a link to your app?

What are the differences in your 4 tabs? Are they pointing to the same sheet?

In my early glide days I did exactly what I expect you are doing. Setting up different screen (on different tabs) and changing a detail screen on one tab, changing a detail screen on another tab - and getting frustrated as the screen keep alternating each other. But that is how glide works and it can be very handy.

But you want the detail screen to be different on two different tabs. Well, you will need to have two direct tabs (sheets) in you google sheet - maybe with the exact same data. You can get that easy with a query.

Remember, your detail screen is bound to a (google) sheet.

Hope it makes sense.

To duplicate data from one worksheet to another, my inclination would have been to use arrayformula().

In cell A1 of Sheet 2: =arrayformula(‘Sheet 1’!A1:ZZ)

(ZZ as an example)

Do you recommend the query() function to be more flexible on the ZZ parameter?

If you’re duplicating entire data, simply use IMPORTRANGE(). :slight_smile:

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@sardamit Thanks.

Well there you go @Sean_Brauser, depending on what you want to do exactly:

  1. Create another worksheet for your other app tab as @Krivo suggested.
  2. Copy data from one worksheet to another by using importrange() if all of the data, or arrayformula() if a subset of your data, or query().

@nathanaelb @Sean_Brauser @sardamit There are a lot of different ways to achieve what you want :slight_smile: I havn’t really been working with large sheets so I don’t have the experience knowing which would be faster - if it at all is an issues?

From Processing time - importrange
QUERY(IMPORTRANGE()… would be the same speed as =QUERY(datasheet)… but multiple =QUERY(IMPORTRNGE()… would be slower as each one will run the IMPORTRANGE() for each individual formula

Ben Collins also have a say on processing times:
Slow google sheets


I thought IMPORTRANGE() was only proper if he’s getting information from a whole different file, not between sheets in the same file.

In my experience it’s the same thing, just use FILTER or QUERY when it’s the same sheet.

I tend to use query because I can select exactly which columns I need, filter and sort in one fell swoop.


Except FILTER or QUERY don’t require the URL of the spreadsheet as one of their arguments. Asking for the URL seems to indicate an outside source of data vs. the same file. Not trying to argue, but to understand.


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they point to the same sheet but i want to show different collumns of data on each sheet

Assuming each tab would be in Details view, you are able to set the layout of the top level of a tab or link to screen button independently. Anything below that top level will use the layout set against the sheet. Are you sure you are talking about tabs or are you talking about a list?

I figured out a workaround by creating different sheets for each tab. Thanks for the help!