Beginners problem in Glide


I built a conciergerie App to manage my short term rentals. However, I have 2 différents sections in my apps that are based on the same sheet because they both require the same data but for different purposes.
However, I cannot use the same sheet for 2 different tabs because each time I change something in one tab, it changes the layout on the other tab (that uses the same source sheet)
I was wondering how to automatically duplicate the data from one sheet to the other. Should I use Zapier?
Let me know if my question is unclear or confusing? It is to me.

Thanks Gliders for your kindness.

It should not happen if your data is static but if columns are updated based on condition, user input then obviously your other tab will also reflect that. Copying the sheet will also not help as if its a scheduled clone it will have the updated changes.

Let me know if i am misunderstood. Can you share with what’s happening current and what is required?

When you use the same source sheet, it’s expected behavior for the details layout of each item.

As @Coupons_Deal said, can you provide us more information about what you want to achieve?

Okay, here it is:

I have a sheet where check-in information are recorded:
Name, Check-in date, check-out date, address,…And so on.
This tab is used for occupancy status (room occupied or vacant).

On the other hand, it can also be used for cleaning status (room occupied or ready for cleaning).
It is exactly the same data. Except that it will be used by another type of profile.

I have worked out the formulas on data editor already. It is just a display issue.

If I understand what you are saying, I should display all information and then apply visibility conditions and filters. So I can have 2 different type of informations (tabs) based on the same source sheet.

I will try that and get back to you.

Yeah, you can apply visibility conditions based on the signed-in user’s profile type, if I understand it right.

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As usual, I will run a few test and get back to you.
Thanks @ThinhDinh and @Coupons_Deal. I needed to extra brains. Mine was going spaghetti :joy::joy::spaghetti:


We are more than happy to help here. Take your time and try yourself. We are here if you need any guidance.


it was really painful to set up all conditions but it worked !!! Many thanks for your insight.

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@Fanny_Ditomene_Sekwe Glad to hear that. By the way i am little curious as you said it was painful to see your approach. Since you have 2 different flag and user profile it seems to easy shake. Unless the requirement needs a more complex computation.

It is really a complex set up as you have 4 main kind of users but they do not have the same access. For my very first app, I did not make my life any easy lol.