Two app tabs reference to same spreadsheet - allow editing

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In the app I am doing, I have two tabs referring to same spreadsheet (kompetansemegling)
For tab “Kompetansemegling” I filter rows per signed in user. I want the signed in user to be able to add, change and delete items.
The tab “Arkiv” is the same data not filtered by signed in users. All data should be available, but no adding, deleting or changing of data.
It seems to me that Glideapp does not allow different settings for deleting and changing data for the two different app tabs. Maybe it is not possible because both tabs refer to same spreadsheet?

Geir M

Duplicating tabs is fine if you just a different way to view it, but since detail layouts are tied to sheets. Any changes from one tab will affect others tabs that use the same sheet. I would create a duplicate sheet that is used for view only on your second tab.

Thanks a lot! Saved my day!

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