Multiple apps connected to the same tab?


Is it possible/recommended to have multiple apps modify the same tab in the same spreadsheet at the same time? Will that potentially introduce unexpected bugs or is it something we assume will be stable?


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I wouldn’t think that it would be a problem. Might get weird to 2 people are editing the same record at the same time, but you would have the same issue with a single app.

Hi Jeff, thanks for your reply! Do you think it’s better to create multiple apps that access the same sheet or to create multiple tabs in the same app that modify the same sheet and to restrict visibility of these tabs based on roles?

That’s up to you and your situation. Sometimes multiple apps are better, and sometimes a single app is better. There’s a lot of things to consider.

  • Ease of maintaining one app vs two.
  • What role does data security play for you app? Are multiple apps needed in an attempt to secure data?
  • Detail layouts become tied to a sheet, so in some cases, when viewing the details of an item from a list, the way you design the screen in one tab may be the same in another tab.
  • I could probably go on and on, but it all depends on what you are trying to do.
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