Fixed + Variable dB for multiple apps

Hi guys,
I have a question. We’re trying to build multiple apps (ideally over 100+) that have a a couple of tabs that vary every app, but another couple of tabs that have the same information.

Ideally, when updating the 100+ apps, I’d like to NOT have to update every single one of them, but have a “master sheet” where I can edit 1 sheet and it will update all my apps.

Is that possible with Glide?
Thanks so much,

You can build all 100 apps from the same spreadsheet, and configure them to show the common tabs, then make them distinct however you’d like. The common information will update when you update the sheet as usual.

You could also take those two master sheets and maintain them separately. Then have nightly or hourly import scripts to clone them into all of your 100 spreadsheets that have the unique tabs. I do that for my one of my apps. A property manager maintains a master residents listing spreadsheet and nightly at 2 AM that sheet is copied to another spreadsheet. I do use scripts to back feed to that master sheet a single piece of information (a link to an uploaded image), so it’s not 100% one way. I think if you tried to have it all on one sheet based on what you said, you would end up with a sheet that has 200 plus tabs. I have no idea how that would work but I fear it would be really difficult to maintain.

Is there a tutorial to see how to configure this?
IT can’t be done whitelisting emails, since we don’t know who will access the app.
Thanks David

Yup, I’m worried about a huge, 200+ tabs GSheets. I’m intrigued about your method, I think it’s the best idea. Will do my research and drop you a line soon.
Thanks George