List relation, need help

Hi! I have created an app for my hockey league. Various tabs are: news, calendar, teams and archives. On my teams tab, I want to show the four team logos. And when I click on a team, I want the photo of all the players on that team to appear And when I click on a player, I want all his stats and infos to appear. Now, I’ve managed to include a ‘‘list relation’’ component to one of my teams, which is related to that team’s particular tab on my Google Sheet document. However, when I click on another team, it is still related to the previous ‘‘list relation’’ component. I cannot seem to make separate ‘‘list relations’’. Do you understand what I’m trying to explain? How can I resolve this little problem? Thank you.

You didn’t list a players tab, but I assume you have one that lists all the players. If not you need to add one. So on this players tab you have to have a column that shows the name of the team that he belongs to. Then in Glides development builder is go to Data and then the Team data tab. +Add Column and set the relation from the team name to the player team name and select multiple box. That should do it for you.

Thanks for your reply. It helped a lot. I’m almost there but not quite. I have done what you suggested me.
I’ve added a tab in Google sheets for the players.

I’ve added a column and a list relation in the data tab. Every player is linked to a team. Every team is linked to 6 players.

However in the layout of the team tab it doesn’t seem to be working properly. I’ve added a list relation as a component. And either 24 players appear under each team. Or if I add a sorting feature, say for the blue team, the same 6 players appear for every team. The sorting feature applies for all teams. Not just for the one I’ve clicked on.

I don’t know if what I’m trying to explain is clear.

Do you have any suggestions?


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Do you have a relation in the Team data that points to the Team in the Player data?

@Jeff_Hager is correct. Team is the parent and the Players are the children of the parent. So you need to create a Relation in the Team sheet, pointing to the Team name. You would then point it to the Students column where you have entered the Team name they belong to. Then when you are on the Team details you can add an inline list and it will show all the Players on the team.