List relation

What happened to List Relations? List relations are showing the number of items instead of the image and title.

I think you want an item relation rather than a list relation if you require image and title

No, I have always used a list relation with an image and it worked great but today I have a list relation with 1 number

Perhaps you mean an inline list? I don’t think that list relations show an image, since which item in the related list would they get it from?

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I have always used the relationship list option with a google sheet as a source. For over a year it worked! there is surely a bug

Capture d’écran 2021-05-17 125750
looks like there’s been a change in the list relationship option. it’s possible, you know check?

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Je comprends ce que vous me dites mais depuis hier, ce n’était pas le cas. je crois que l’option relation de liste à été modifié. DOMMAGE j’aurais aimé être inverti car je dois tout modifié maintenant :disappointed_relieved:

It seems (from @Jeff_Hager link) that the list relation used to show the image if there was only one item in the list. I have never seen this personally as I have always had multiple items! I can imagine this must be somewhat painful if it’s just changed and your app depended on it :frowning: Could you use visibility to swap between relation and list relation based on number of items? Sorry I can’t be more helpful.