List Relation when just 1 item

See below:

When List Relation has only 1 item, it displays an empty entry - awkward.

Is this really a bug?

It looks like a bug. Normally it would be 2 items, 3 items etc. right?

No, it’s correct - there is only 1 item.
But it doesn’t show.
If you click this “empty” entry, then you see the details for this one and only item.

Yeah I mean normally when you have more than 1 it would show as “2 items”, “3 items”.

Probably needs @Mark to intervene so you can send him your app link.

Have you set Title, Details, and Image on the List Relation?

I think this is a title issue, please share your builder screenshot

My mistake - no image/details/title.
Sorry for wasting your time.

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Thank you.