List relations not displaying

I have a tab that was created before the Visibility feature came out, which uses several lists built upon Relation columns, using a combination of “Filter rows by signed in user” and the list’s Filter feature to show or hide lists depending on which user is signed in.

It was working perfectly before, but now it does something very peculiar…

The list relation rows still appear correctly, and correctly state how many items should be in the list…but when I click on the list relation it shows me a blank list saying “There are no items yet.”.

Did the addition of the Visibility feature change how Relation Columns/List Relations appear?

Now that you mention this, I have notice something weird with the List Relation. In my app I have a section where a coach can enter lessons. Currently there are over 1300 lessons entered by a couple of different coaches (myself as one of them for testing). The list in that tab shows only the lessons for the coach that entered them. In another part of my app, I am using a List Relation and pointing to the same lesson sheet, but I don’t have any filters applied. The intent is so I can view all lessons by all coaches. My List relation shows a count of over 1300 items, but when I open it, I only see the 28 lessons that I entered myself instead of the entire list. For me, it’s like per user data is being applied, even though I don’t have an option to turn it on or off for the list relation. I wonder if the same thing is happening to you on some level. It used to work, possibly up to some point last week.

Could you share that app, please, and tell me how to get to that List Relation?