It must be stupid be: problem with relations

This is the case:
Users of a community can claim spots on the guest list for a band.
When they claim a spot I make a new row in the Guest List table.
Then I make a relation from that reservation to the gig as well as to the user.
On the personal page of the user I want to show his or her’s reservations.
I do so with an inline list that collects info from the guest list relation.
I am having one user where everything goes expected: 2 reservations on the personal page.
But when I log in as other users with one or more related reservations nothing shows up.

I assume it will be a stupid thing on my side, but does anyone have an idea what can be the issue here?

Wild guess: Row Owners.

For a more informed guess, a couple of screen shots (of the two data tables) would be helpful :slight_smile:

Here we go :wink:

There is clearly something wrong with the below relation column:

Can you show me how it is configured?

Okay, so maybe it’s not broken.

Just having a closer look at your two tables, it looks like your first user is indeed the only one that matches any emails in your GuestList table.

Where are the emails in your GuestList table coming from?
Are you using the Signed In Users email address when you add rows to that table?

No, here you only see the top of a list of 2000 people where maybe 50 are in this specific list.
For example this one has 2 related gigs as well that don’t show up.

And when they say they want to come, this is what I add to the table Guest List.

Okay, so when you view as Andrew, you don’t see anything?

Are you filtering that screen by signed in user?
You would need to do that, as you don’t have row owners.

That’s right.
And it is in the system, because when I go to the GIGS tab where he claimed a spot I see this.

And when I go to his ‘MY PAGE’ with the list it doesnt show up.

What is the source table for “My Page”?
Is it your users table?
If it is, are you filtering it by the signed in user?

Also, can you show me the configuration of your collection component on the same page?

The source table is Users.
Per component, I choose if and how to filter.
For example some content is only shown to people that are now paying members.
And a text component is related to a column from the signed in user.
And the list we’re talking about filters ‘mail is signed in user’
But when I don’t filter I see only 2 reservations (the two by Pip) where there should be 17.

I’m pretty sure something is not right with your filtering, but I’m not getting the full picture so I’m struggling to put my finger on it.


Why I hesitate it is that, is because without filtering I see only 2 reservations (by another user) and not the 17 I count in that column.

You mean the list, right?

Here it is.

And the source of “My Page” is your Users table, correct?
And the source of this Inline List is the relation in your Users table, correct?

Can you show me what filter condition you have on “My Page”?

Please also show me what you have under General settings:

(I think we’re almost there, I’m still putting the pieces together)

Source My Page is Users table

On My Page I don’t have a filter but use visibility conditions.

The source of the inline list is the relation in my users table.

Okay, now I think we are there.

Because you have no filter on “My Page”, everything on that screen is referencing the first row in your Users Table.

So… add a filter below: “email is signed in user”

And remove the filter on your Inline List - you shouldn’t need that.

Ah!!! Thanks so much, man, now it works!
Phewwwww thanks a lot for your time and effort!

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hehe… 3rd time lucky :wink:




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Rubb It In!

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Glide should have a checkmark for that filter which says “Filter by signed in user” and SOOO many of these problems would go away or at least would be a key help/.

This bit me at least 4 or 5 times when I started cause it is just not that intuitive. You just expect to see your ‘stuff’ when you are a signed in user; so when it is ‘correct’ for the first person in the list but not for anyone else…frustrating triage time occurs.