Relations showing wrong


When I try to show some column relation, the wrong data shows in the column…
For example, Michel appears in Antoine’s “rel_friendsrequest” instead of Stephanie (pictures below). What am I doing wrong? Anyone know how I can fix this?

Thank you for your help

Your screen is not filtered to the correct user. It’s just picking up the first row in the table which is Stephanie’s row.

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The filter isn’t the upper left corner of the second image?

That’s the user you are previewing the app as. You still need to set the filter on the screen since they have access to all rows.

I tried to filter it : myuserID and rowID (shown in the picture below) and I still have the same problem…
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

You are trying to filter the collection. You need to filter the screen instead. Click on the tab in the upper left panel, then set the filter in the right hand panel.

This way?
Sorry am new to that… am discovering…

Closer, but first of all you are on a different tab from what you showed in your first screenshot. Are you sure you are on the right screen? I’m basing my answers on what you showed in your first screenshot.

Second, I suspect that your filter is comparing two columns in the same row. If you have an email column, I would filter where email ‘is signed in user’, or you can filter RowID is ‘User Profile’ → ‘RowID’.


Thank you, the filter I applied was the wrong one…
Thanks alot for your help

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