Relation data not visible


I’ve created column ‘homes relation’ in a sheet that is displaying data correctly in a list relation. I have a second ‘inventory relation’ in the same that is visibly pulling results in the data editor.

Using a duplicate of the working above relation, if I change to ‘inventory relation’ for source values nothing is displaying.


Can you show a screenshot of your relation settings? Does your inventory sheet have a row owner column?

Here’s my screenshot. thx in advance

As in a Row ID column, no? I hadn’t used one for the adjacent Homes Relation column in the Homes sheet.

I’m asking if your inventory sheet has Row ‘Owners’ enabled. I’m not asking about Row ‘ID’.

In that case no

Can you show some more screenshots that show what exactly isn’t working? Can you also show a screenshot of the settings for the Inventory relation? I’m trying to understand what exactly is not working. It sounds like you changed the source of an inline list from the Homes relation to the Inventory relation. Can you verify that the details screen that contains the inline list is on the correct row? Does your screen details screen have any filters? Does your inline list have any filters?

Many thanks - but its working now. I had taken the screenshots and just to double check I added a new list relation set it to inventory on another screen. That worked, so deleted it went back to the list relation that hadn’t been working and now it is!

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