List Relations Not Working in App

My app’s URL: Glide

What happened to List Relations? List relations are showing the number of items instead of the image and title.

Weird bug, does that happen also on your phone or that’s « just » a builder glitch ?

List relation will always show just the item count, right?

If you want to use images & titles, I believe you’re looking for inline lists?

It also shows this on my phone.

Was it always like this? I had been using list relations like that for a while now.

I didn’t see any issues until today.

Oops I agree, I initially thought that you were speaking about inline lists…

I am referring to both. The last time I was in the app, I had the option to use images and titles with list relations. Was there an update that changed this?

I’m not quite sure if there’s a recent change, personally I have never used list relations.

List relations will always show the number of items. Use Relation if you want to show details about a related item.

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Maybe something changed to make it more consistent, but I could have sworn that a List Relation always functioned like an inlist list if you only had 1 item (as far as how it displayed the title and description of that single item instead of a count) and directly opened the details of that single item. Only if you had multiple related rows, would it then show the number of items instead and take you to an intermediary list. I’m 99% sure it acted very differently when only 1 row was found in a multiple relation vs multiple rows found. I’ve never been a big fan of the Relation and List Relation components since they’ve been largely ignored compared to the inline list so I’ve never used them much.


But, I think I prefer the new behaviour.

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I would agree as far as consistency, but I’m sure it’s jarring to those that use it and have to make app changes to fix it. Just looking through old posts to make sure I’m correct about the old behavior. Found these posts so far, which seem to align with current posts.