List relations from different columns of a sheet

Hi Glide experts,
I have two sheets for two tabs. One sheet has the list of all the people registered for a monthly event and option to mark their attendance. The 2nd sheet calculates the total attendees (Column A), and in a separate column (K) in this sheet I have extracted list of “Participants attending >50% of the events”. I wish to open this as a list relation.

On adding the component of list relation it picks the Column A that counts the total number of attendees.
Can the list relation be formatted to pick list from a specific column?

I don’t like to combine different types of datasets in one sheet. That’s just not how databases are typically structured. My only exception is that I have a sheet that holds all of the different choice component lists in one sheet. I would split column A and column K into separate sheets since the values in those columns aren’t related to each other.

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Thank you Jeff. I will work on your suggestion and improvise the setup.

However, regarding the list relations query, is it possible to get the list relations component capture another column than the first column?

Are you taking about what you see in the data tab when you create a relation column? If that’s the case then a relation will always show the first column values just to give you an idea of what it’s linked to, however the relation is attached to the entire row.

If you are taking about the list relation component, then it should show a count of associated records. It may or may not be working correctly if you have several empty columns without headers in the sheet. Otherwise clicking on a list relation should open a list of records. Then you can click on each record to view it’s details. If you want to see different columns, then you can configure that in the component and detail screens.

Lists are meant to show data in a row. They are not meant to be linked to a specific column like the choice component.

Your answer, the first para, resolves my query. And I understand the list relation component better… :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face:

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