Filter Customer Value: Different Sheet Column

I’ve currently got data on two different sheets.

Sheet 1 includes a list of people.
Sheet 2 includes a list of clubs.

On my home screen I have a list of all the clubs, clicking a club shows all of the relevant info and has a list of people who are signed up for that club. Some people are signed up for multiple clubs. I would like a way to filter the list of people to only the ones who are signed up for each club.

I’ve currently got a relation column set up, but when I try to filter by that it only gives me the option “is empty” or “is not empty”. Can I enter a custom value in the list filter that says “includes” -> {Sheet1 : Column1 }. Or is there a better way to do this?

I’ve been digging through documentation for two days on this and I feel like I’m missing something.


So that relation is in your club sheet? You should be able to use the relation as the source for the list of people instead of using the the people sheet as the source.

I hate that I can’t include more than one screenshot.

The “people” sheet is where the relation is. It shows which club is person is signed up for. Most people only have one club. However that relation doesn’t show up as a source for my inline list for some reason.

Going back to my original question, is there a way to link to the sheet and column as a custom value?

Why not create the relation in the Club (from) sheet to the People (to) sheet. That is the direction you want to navigate. From Club to People.

Maybe I’m not understanding you [correctly.

If I created the relation in the club sheet, then each row (club names) would have a column (people who have signed up for the club) that would contain between 10-50 values.

Whereas my current setup on the people sheet has a single row (person) that has a column (clubs they have signed up for) with 1-2 values in it.

You’re saying I should switch because of the way I am presenting the data to a user? (showing them a list of clubs, and then each club has a list of people who have signed up for it)

That’s how I am understanding your goal. You want to display a list of all club members within the details of the club, correct? In that case you need the relation in the club sheet to link to the People sheet. This is the easiest way to accomplish your goal.

One additional question. If a person belongs to two or more clubs, do you have multiple rows in the People sheet that lists the person and a column with the club name or id?