Relation Filter from Multi name

Lets say i have mail 1, mail 2, mail 3, ETC… in sheet 1.
I have users info in sheet 2.
I am trying to make a multi relation from sheet 1, to sheet 2 using the multi relation using a inline list.
But the results are flaky as i am receiving more users then what’s in the Mail 1,2,3,4,5,6
I have tried with multi Relation and just Relation, when using just Relation i get the first of the mail 1. Is there any trick to this where i can filter from just mail to my users? I dont see why the multi relchion dose not work?


  1. Mail is not a sign in user. More of a notification.
  2. I do not want to make a relation or lookup, to mail 1,2,3,4,5,6 instead use the mail (ALL) if glide lets me.


This should of gone as well. but nope so i tried to make relachion

I tried using the Filter or, Notifications - Mail 1, Mail 2 etc… Issue was was when it was empty everything was showing. When i tried to to Notifications if not empty or empty. This method also dont work when in the OR Filter.

Ok so i understand i have a issue using this from the Users Sheet 2. So i tried from sheet 1 a relaction from mail to notification. Issues is upon clearing a value from within mail (Lets say Mail 3). Again all users or some that are not listed show up.

Looks like i figured it out. I hate to say it. But its a extra step for no good reason.