Multiple relation in GDE not working

Trying to show inline list using a multiple relation as the value…and although the column in the editor is set up and populates, it shows all photos by all users. See video for explanation - If there isn’t a way to filter the photos in each user’s profile, then I’ll have to use a form button. Any advice on setting up a relation to use for filter etc will be very appreciated!

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When you created the relation from the user tab to the photos tab, did you do it both ways?

On the photos tab it would be a relation to the user tab. But then on the user tab it would be a multiple relation to the photos tab.

Then you should be able to link that relation using an inline list for that specific user.

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So strange, I did try this multiple relation but it still shows the photos in everyone’s inline list…Should work (and in fact works in my other apps) - Did I miss something or maybe a bug?

So strange! When the new photo is added, is the user email field mapped or populated on the sheet? That’s the only other thing I can think of. Aside from that it should work especially when that component is being populated by the relation.

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Yes, the email is special value for each photo submission…and they appear on the sheet as well as the data editor. The multiple relation column also populates in the data editor correctly.

@Mark is this a bug?

This is a workaround and not what you ultimately want, so take it for what it’s worth. I can’t think of another solution with what we have at this time

Use the Link to Screen -> This Item action. That will keep you on the same profile row. Make sure you are in the Details style layout Then you should be able to add an inline list filtered by screen values. This will require a form button to add rows as only a list view can have an Add button. Using a list view instead of details view does not allow you to filter by screen values.

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Thank you Jeff, this workaround doesn’t sound too bad at all. But do you think this is a bug or is there a limitation in Glide that I’m not understanding?

Hard to tell from the video and screenshots. First, how is/was your button set up? Is it a link to screen just pointing to the sheet? If so, as a list, it’s just going to show everything, and as a details layout it’s going to default to the first row. In your video it looked like you were trying to filter email by user profile email. The user profile email is your email, unless you are previewing as someone else. If you are using Link to Screen -> This Item, then it will be on the current profile’s row and you can filter by the values of that profile

If you are talking about a bug with not being able to filter a list using screen values from the Link to Screen -> This Item, then I’m up in the air if that’s a bug or not. It would kind of seem reasonable to filter a list view if you got there from Link to Screen -> This Item, but at the same time, a list style view is not sitting on a particular row to be able to grab those values.

So, in the USER PROFILE ADD TO PHOTO ALBUM, I can set filter “is signed in user” so only their photos show there. BUT, in the other user profiles, VIEW PHOTO ALBUM, All the photos show. The value isn’t being respected and I think it should. Also, “this screen” is in the dropdown but will not allow me to select it. @Mark should the relation as value not be respected in this scenario? I appreciate Jeff’s workaround and will use it for now, but per @Wiz.Wazeer this is a problem that should be corrected…or if I am totally mistaken here, kindly let me know! ::

Add Photos to Album Button on User’s Profile

View user’s photo album button

The Add Photos button should be fine as is, because like I mentioned in the other post, you can filter the list by signed in user. That would actually probably let you keep the existing Add button if you want to.

The View Photo Album button I would change to Link to Screen -> This Item, because as I understand, any user can view it, so you still need to remain on the same row so you can filter by Screen values (Profile RowID).

On my mobile I can’t see much but this is a classic case of per user data application going wrong when combined with user profile.

I have to deal with these all the time.

What Jeff suggested works fine. My solution has always been to create a duplicate Using an array formula of the user profile sheet. Then to add rowID to one sheet and use that for filtering by user is signed in user or name is not empty.

More recently I’ve been playing around with all the the “include” features. I don’t know how best to put how they work into words, but I released two apps taxi and group scheduler without creating a duplicate of the user profile sheet. I just played around with those “is/not included, includes/doesn’t include, etc to avoid two copies of the same sheet. With the taxi one I had to give 3 groups access to the same sheet. It was a challenge but I got there in the end without letting the right eye know what the left was seeing so to speak. But, there I’m sure for each component used I had to hard code at least 3 conditions into each.

So I understand this one is not a walk in the park.

Anyway, you have a solution in Jeffs workaround.


Thank you for having a look at this Wiz…I will use Jeff’s work around for now so I can move on but I really want to know from Glide if this is an issue that can be corrected because, literally my mantra in life these days is…workarounds add up QUICK!

PS, emojis aren’t working in discourse now. lol


OK, I’m seeing the same thing in staging with not being able to select “This Item”. Seems like a bug @Mark. I noticed it earlier, but I had a second button with “This Item”, so I thought maybe that was the issue. I guess not. Once it’s fixed, I would definitely go that route though.


:joy:! I keep pushing glide for the real McCoy but then these workarounds pop up, and they go to sleep :sleeping:


Yes, a client project of mine is having the same issue. Not able to select ‘this item’ on a link to screen button action.


i have the same problems, like deena, and i try to play around with one, from a relation link to sheet and now i cannot go back to relation. its stuck. i already reported, im not changing anything anymore. im going to wait the app worked perfectly the last week this afternoon till right before


This should work fine with the Add Item as long as its populating that sheet in your video the way it is (column with photo and column with email address of person who submitted photo).

I think the main issue is with the button you’ve chosen to take people into a user’s photo album. By using a standard button rather than a List Relation, I believe the best you can do is link to a screen. But with a List Relation, you can link to a relation. Then you’d just create a relation in your User sheet that relates the email for each user to the emails in that Photo sheet (meaning put the relation in the user sheet not in the photo sheet as you seem to suggest you did in the video). Then have the List Relation component point to that relation column in your User sheet. It should take you to a new screen with all the photos of that particular relation… which would be aligned with whatever user profile (corresponding to the appropriate column in the user sheet) that the list relation is sitting on.

In fact, you could do the same with Inline List which would allow you to have a nice side swiping horizontal selection of images from their album before clicking See All to go into the album itself. Would probably look a bit nicer than a List Relation. But List Relation is more buttony like what you have.

Unless, I’m not reading you quite right. From the video, that seems to be what I would do. In fact, it’s exactly what I’m doing in several places in my app, and it’s working fine.


Is this by any chance related to the below? @Deena

Yes, I think it is…I just woke up and read @Lucas_Pires post. Have already tagged @Mark in my thread yesterday and hopefully he’ll direct this bug to the team to fix soon!

@Deena Is this still an issue, or is it fixed?

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