Pre-defined filters in a dropdown on the home screen

I have a Google Sheet where each line in the first tab contains details of a member.
One of the columns is the Group to which the member belongs.
The Group Column gets it’s values from a second tab which contains only the list of groups.

I’d like to be able to choose a specific group on the home screen and then see only the members who are in that group, with their details etc.

Is this possible in Glide ?

Thanks / Colm

Yes, that’s possible.

In the Glide Data Editor, create a multiple relation column in your Groups table that matches the group name to the group name in your Members table.

Now on your screen, add an inline list (or use a list style screen) and set the source of the list as your Groups table. The default action on the list will be to show details. Leave that. On the details screen, add an Inline List component and set the source as the multiple relation that you created earlier.

If you’ve done that correctly, the details screen for each group will now have a list of group members.

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Thanks Darren, not quite there yet.

I create the multiple relation column.

This works, insofar as the column created in the Data Editor now contains data from the corresponding rows in the Members table. As a side point this column seems to only take the data from the first column in the Members Table. In my case this is a timestamps which is filled in automatically as the sheet is filled from a Google Form. When I copy the contents of the Members => Name column into the first column, this is resolved in the Data Editor.

On the Details screen I add the inline List component as shown below, it allows me to select the name and eircode as the details I want displayed, but nothing is displayed on the app screen.

Any advice most welcome.

The Multiple Relation column looks like this

That “name” or “date” isn’t the value that you get back from the relation. It serves only as a placeholder for you to know that a row was found based on your settings, and Glide takes a piece of info from that row to show to you. Bottom line is you don’t need to care what shows in there, just take the relation results and work with it.

The below looks suspicious…

Do you really want to trigger a webhook every time a list item is tapped?
If that action is broken, that may explain why you see no list items on the screen.
If it’s supposed to be there, check it carefully to make sure it’s configured correctly.
Otherwise, try removing it.