"List Relation" and "Inline List" should be able to pull values from related items

My app has a “Users” table where each user has a name, email address, and picture.

I also have a “Sessions” table that has a multi-relation to the Users table, where each Session may be attended by one or more Users. I use the email address as the “ID” for each user since Names may not be unique.

In my Glide app, the Session page includes an Inline List showing the Users who attended. But currently, because the Session table only includes the Email addresses, I can only display the users by their email addresses, and I can’t include their photo. It would be great if the List Relation and Inline List items supported pulling info from a linked item, even if that info doesn’t already exist in the table that it’s populated from.


I think that would be great!

This can already be accomplished in Google sheets.
What you do is create an extra colum in the refrence sheet.
Option 1 is to use the “Query” command in Google sheets to carry over the data from one sheet to the other. More complex option

Option 2 is to use the “lookup” function and use the email as the lookup key to search for the person’s email and then select corresponding data like image or name etc to bring over to the other column.
Hope this gives you a solution.

I worked around this using additional VLOOKUP columns in my sheets but it would be great to have this built in directly. It seems like an obvious addition that could benefit a lot of different types of apps.

Sorry, I’m a bit confused. If “Sessions” has a multi-relation to “Users”, then in the configuration of the Inline List that shows the list of users, you should be able to access columns from the “Users” table for the Title, Details, and Image. The Employees example has a similar Inline List:

Maybe I misunderstand the structure of your data. Could you share your app?

@Mark Using the employees app as an example, say you are in the offices tab. You tap on an office to view it’s details. Those details contain an inline list of employees. You tap on an employee to view that employee’s details. Now if you add a form button, you have access to all of the Column Values for that employee to add to the form response sheet as hidden column values. I think what is being asked for, is to also have access to the Column Values from the Office details higher up the hirearchy.
What is wanted is the ability to carry values from a category into a sub category and sub sub category when submiting a form or adding a record. This could probably be a problem if there is a loop in the lists (offices to employees to offices to employees and so on), but could maybe be handled by on showing only one set of column values per unique sheet, or have a limit where column values would only come from up to 5 levels up the hirearchy. Hope that makes sense.
In the past, I was trying to help another user with a flight lesson booking system. What I had come up with was a plan to first open a list of instructors, select an instructor, then show a list of students, select a student, then show a list of planes and select a plane. All the while I’m showing details at the top of the screen for each selection. This only worked because I had an exponentially growing list of combinations all tied together with references. It got ugly fast. This is the app that I never finished. https://g13gu.glideapp.io The intention was to remove combinations that were booked so it’s slightly different than what is being asked for, but I think it visually demonstrates what @connor_g is asking for.

We’ll very soon be shipping a “Lookup” computed column which lets you get the value in a column of a single-relation. In the employees example, if an employee has a single-relation to their office, you could use Lookup to get a column from the row in “Offices” into the corresponding row in “Employees”.


Thanks for the responses Mark. I realized I actually oversimplified my original description. Sorry!

My app is to record the results of board gaming sessions among a group of friends. So I actually have three tables (that are relevant here): “Sessions” has a multi-relationship to “Results”. Each “Result” has a score and a relationship to a “Player”. What I want to be able to do is display the name and photo of a Player on the Session page, based on what’s in the Results table, so it’s really making two relationship hops.

I realize this is probably more complex than Glide was designed for so I get why it’s not supported now, and as Lighted_Candle pointed out, I can pretty easily work around it by adding a lookup in my Results table that pulls information from the Players table.

Appears that new builder functionality addresses this request, topic archived.